Tuesday Sept 14th – Friday Sept 17th (14u30-16u30)

Futuring Lab. BrusselAVenir

Despite Brussels’ multicultural nature (second most cosmopolitan city in the world after Dubai), its social texture is quite fragmented into an agglomeration of unconnected bubbles. Exploring the question ‘How will we share the city amongst each other in Bruxsels in 2030?’ gives us an opportunity to challenge the current paradigms and weave collectively new stories for our city. During the 4-day long pop-up experiential futures lab, we will co-create a futures story around this question using the Experiential Futures Ladder framework. Together with the participants we will dive into futures design and create a scenario, storyworld, a concrete situation and artefacts. All this with an aim to trigger conversations about the futures and to act today to make those imagined futures possible.   BrusselAVenir, an interactive citizen lab depicts new narratives for Brussels. Starting from the questions from citizens, BrusselAVenir explores what might come next with them and translates the preferred futures visions into multimedia stories. For their last exploration around the topic climate and social cohesion, they time travelled to 2030 with Brusseleirs at Beursschouwburg through a live radio show of the future on BX1+.


Thursday Sept 16th 2021 (18u30-20u30)

Forum Theatre. Vaartkapoen

The forum theatre came about as a co-creation between the women of the Vaartkapoen, Citizenne and director Har Tortike. The group of volunteers of the Vaartkapoen was looking for an original way to discuss the topic of domestic violence. Poverty and family violence are problems that often take place between four walls and that are heavily taboo. On 25.11.2015, the first performance took place in the UK as part of International Day Against Violence. Afterwards, the Forum Theatre went on tour in different GCs, self-organisations and community centres. After the Paris and Brussels attacks (2016), the group asked for new scenes to be worked out on sensitive and complex themes such as racism, radicalisation and the fear of losing a child. For this, the group worked with Saliha Ben Ali and told her personal story. Forumtheater Radicalisation toured in various prisons, self-organisations and high schools in Brussels, Flanders and abroad. Forumtheater Radicalisering won the Ultima 2016, the Flemish culture prize, in the Amateur Arts category. The women of the VK have not stopped with Forumtheater and continue to tour with Citizenne.  New themes, such as upbringing and gender, are being developed and performed.


An Open Lab and quite Working Spaces will be at your disposal throughout the summer school.