• Interlitratour Christine Brooke-Rose

    28/03 - 28/03/2022

    Dr. Hannah Van Hove, FWO postdoctoral researcher at the VUB, invites you to relive part of the childhood of novelist Christine Brooke-Roose (1923-2012), and to take a walk as we explore the neighborhood where Brooke-Rose used to live and hear about the themes, influences and legacies of this neglected writer. This walk is a collaboration with Interlitratour festival and Willemsfond Brussel.

    The audio tour can be followed via the website in English and Dutch.

  • City of the Future – Ontwerpatelier Buurtpark

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 11:00 Until 14:00

    During this project, students of EhB design a local park in Jette. Analysis, synthesis, moodboard, vision and concepts lay down the groundwork for a cohesive and well founded design. This activity is open to the public. For more info, contact the organiser.

    Atelier Horteco
    Steven Goossens
  • Yoga in the park and the human body in art: lessons from the past and challenges of today

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 13:00 Until 15:00

    It is a challenge to do relaxing yoga exercises in the open air, in a green environment and with a view of Brussels city. In this busy life it makes sense to focus on our own body and our conscious breathing. In art, physicality plays a crucial role and that becomes especially challenging when the human being is depicted in motion. Participants are challenged to represent in both painting and sculpture what fascinates them in the different styles.

    The activity will be in Dutch.

    Tuin van de Kunstberg
    Kristine De Martelaer
  • ‘Wunderkammer’ with a Brussels touch

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 13:00 Until 14:00

    Join CAVA on a journey through our ‘Wunderkammer’. For weKONEKT.brussels, we have turned our archives into a Wunderkammer embodying the spirit of Brussels. The tour of the ‘Wunderkammer’ will be given in Dutch.

    Archiefdepot CAVA VUB
    Jolien Van Leuven
  • Workshop screen printing by Ksaar

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 14:00 Until 16:00

    During this screen printing demonstration and workshop, the stress will slip off your mind. Creating yourself puts you in a flow that makes you think and worry less about other issues. Creative pursuits are known to reduce stress and anxiety, benefit the brain and improve mood. In short, good for your mental well-being! The workshop is supervised by Ksaar.

    Gijs Ieven
  • Science Bar Brussels: Save the planet with what you eat

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 17:30 Until 19:00

    Free science bar about the impact and feasibility of an ecologically responsible diet. Come and listen to the fascinating conversation of our experts over a drink and a snack. on mom. On March 28, Lise Vermeersch (Ecoterian, VUB), Evelien Mertens (Nutrition and Dietetics, EhB) and Steven De Hertog (Climatologist, VUB) will discuss sustainable food.

    The debate will be held in Dutch.

    RITCS Café
    Sammy Leurs
  • Unflattening European History through Transmedia Storytelling

    28/03 - 28/03/2022
    From 19:00 Until 21:00

    In 2021/2022, the VUB Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings (CLIC) welcomes Andreas Fickers as CLIC Lorand Chair in Intermediality Studies. Andreas Fickers is Professor for Contemporary and Digital History and founding Director of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) at the University of Luxembourg. The inaugural lecture is a collaboration between the Stripmuseum Brussels and the Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings and takes place as part of VUB’s Bachelor Taal- en Letterkunde. The museum also opens exclusively for participants in the evening.

    The lecture will be held in English. Registration is mandatory via email.

    Brussels Comics Art Museum
    Mathias Meert
  • Exposition: “Woman and senator, a challenge: 100 years of women in (Belgian) politics”

    28/03 - 30/03/2022
    From 13:00 Until 16:00

    Senator Katia Segers provides the political science students with a guided tour of the Sentaat as part of the course ‘Political Parties and Elections’. She will tell them more about what it means to be a woman in the political world today as they take in the expo.

    The activity is exclusively for the students of the courses.

    De Senaat
    Silvia Erzeel
  • Exhibition: Hello there, I just wanted to ask how you’re doing

    28/03 - 31/03/2022
    From 14:00 Until 20:00

    During the 6th edition of the Pilar ASAP Festival, the exhibition space is transformed into a Consol(id)ation Room. Whatever our current mood is – it being happy, stressed, confident, worried or anywhere in between – the exhibition offers a small break from the seemingly inevitable rush of daily life activities. As the artworks on display gently open up a conversation about topics such as mental health, selfcare and expressing emotions, we might find comfort in knowing that we’re not alone in feeling a certain way.

    Bjorne Baeten
  • Molem’back to the future

    28/03 - 01/04/2022

    City game! Get to know the Great War in Molenbeek in an active way, and play the “Molem’back to the future” city game! Armed with your smartphone, you take to the streets to find out where we can still see the remnants of a fascinating part of our pastin “Molem” today. Are you up for the challenge?

    The game is available in Dutch and French.

  • Podcasts « Au Grand Air » about the challenges of preserving biodiversity.

    28/03 - 01/04/2022

    Discover 4 podcasts addressing the challenges of preserving biodiversity from different angles in the company of experts, associations and ULB professors.

    The podcast is in French.

  • Semaine d’innovation pédagogique

    28/03 - 01/04/2022

    For several years now, the Faculty of Architecture at the ULB has been questioning the renewal of the role, the roles, of the architect in contemporary urban, spatial and citizen dynamics. Alongside the now traditional role of the architect-urban planner providing services, many other roles are emerging today or are being recognised in their importance, multiplying the ways of impacting on the world around them: artist, artisan-builder, researcher, critic, curator, lobbyist, advisor, wild gardener, civil servant, … In order to explore these new roles in a practical way, various collaborative workshops are organised for BA3, MA1 and ERASMUS students of the faculty.

  • MAD invites Ilke Cop and Margot Van Den Berghe

    28/03 - 01/04/2022
    From 09:00 Until 18:00

    As part of the weKONEKT.week, MAD is hosting two Brussels-based young professional artists. Both are residents at Pilar, an artistic laboratory in Brussels for young people, located at the VUB. It is an exhibition area for art by young, innovative creators and established figures, cross-fertilised with the ground-breaking knowledge of scientists.

    MAD Brussels
    Dieter Van Den Storm
  • Brussels delicacies at the VUB Restaurant

    28/03 - 01/04/2022
    From 11:00 Until 14:00

    The VUB Resto treats everyone to a special weKONEKT.week menu. A full week of dishes that are typically Brussels. Brussels sprouts, stew with Brussels beer, rabbit Belgian style and much more. Take a look at this weeks’ menu for all details.

    VUB Resto