• Expert sessions – OIC

    30/03 - 30/03/2021

    VUB and Ljublana experts guide the EUTOPIA students in an expert session focused on the 5 P’s as defined by the United Nations. VUB researchers, professors and fellows share their expertise. We’re excited to welcome Nobel prize winner prof. Kajfež Bogataj in the session on Planet.

  • Guest Lecture ‘Street Politics’

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 10:00 Until 12:00

    In context of the course Agogoly, political philosopher and anthropologist Femke Kaulingfreks is hosting a guest lecture on ‘street politics’.

  • Placemaking at the VUB

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 10:00 Until 16:00

    weDISCOVER frames within the EUTOPIA placemaking workpackage. During the weDISCOVER.week the students will get to experience ways that the VUB engages with its environment and acts as a lever to support the region.

  • Virtual tour PILAR

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 11:30 Until 12:30

    Experience a virtual tour through the PILAR building, get to know the organisation and enjoy their current exhibits

    Ian Komac
  • Café E-Coloré

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 12:00 Until 14:00

    Café E-coloré is an online dialogue event which aims to bring students from different backgrounds together to discuss a variety of topics linked to student life. The aim is to bridge the gap between local, international and refugee students of the VUB, by promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue.

  • Expertise and public policy: dialogue in the Brussels Parliament

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 16:30 Until 18:00

    CLOSED SESSION Brussels parliamentarians meet with the ULB public health students for an insight into parliamentary life and a discussion on the place of expert knowledge in the political process.

  • Creative with Water

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 16:00 Until 17:30

    The GreenTeam is organising an online, interactive Digital Arts workshop to get creative with water. Bring your water bottles and showers of creative ideas and dive into the inspiring world of digital arts.
    This workshop is hosted by Maria Alejandra Castro.
    Register for free – Limited availability

  • Migration and stereotypes: “They won’t integrate into society”

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 18:00 Until 20:30

    CANCELLED What does integration mean? The volunteers from “Migration, au-delà des préjugés” invite you to discuss this social phenomenon. Why don’t certain group get along? Who is responsible for this integration? And what impact does it all have on schooling, employment and housing? This workshop is designed to be engaging and interactive. The participants will experience social games and then, we will discuss theoretical and sociological elements based on those.

  • De (bijna) nieuwe Belg en de gezondheidszorg, good practices en organisaties in Brussel

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 19:00 Until 20:30

    The VUB and Huis voor Gezondheid introduce you, Master’s student in Brussels, to healthcare in Brussels, with a focus on minorities within our population.

    The Brussels Observatory sketches the Brussels context with the necessary figures. Followed by experts sharing their experiences. Think of an emergency doctor, cultural mediator, organizations that work with refugees or non-native speakers…

  • Fighting stances

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 20:00 Until 21:30

    The Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg and the Flemish Martial Arts Platform join forces on 30 March, 2021. Three partners in three rounds about the potential of martial arts. Step into the virtual boxing ring with our students, (martial) artists and scientists.

  • Architectural atelier SIP: Wikiwomen – Memories can change

    31/03 - 31/03/2021

    CLOSED SESSION The “Memories can change!” project offers workshops for discussion, research and writing wikipedia pages for creative women invisibilized by the history of architecture and art.

  • In de voetsporen van een Brusselaar

    30/03 - 31/03/2021
    From 09:00 Until 22:00

    In cooperation with Huis voor Gezondheid, the Bachelor students Medicine and Pharmacy will step into the shoes of some Brussels residents, get to know their life story and become familiar with the Brussels organizations that support these people on a daily basis.
    On the way you will also discover beautiful, fun or interesting places in Brussels!

  • Molem’back to the future

    29/03 - 02/04/2021

    City game! Get to know the Great War in Molenbeek in an active way, and play the “Molem’back to the future” city game! Armed with your smartphone, you take to the streets to find out where we can still see the remnants of a fascinating part of our pastin “Molem” today. Are you up for the challenge?