• Expo “Je serai”

    02/04 - 02/04/2021

    The students of the Schola ULB Tutoring Program are full of ambitions! These future adults believe in their luck and take action towards success! This expo was designed for the 30 years of the Schola ULB Tutoring Program, in collaboration with photographer Rip Hopkins.

    Laetitia Tintinaglia
  • Architectural atelier SIP: Urban Ma(r)kers (Esquisse Commune)

    02/04 - 02/04/2021

    CLOSED SESSION The Esquisse Commune proposes to build alternative lunch places for young people in secondary schools within the framework of the CQD Athénée. These constructions will be designed and executed by students in architecture and landscape architecture, as well as with the youth of the neighbourhood.

  • Meditative Walk

    02/04 - 02/04/2021

    The Erasmus Hospital, in collaboration with Brussels Environment, invites you to experience this meditative health trail, the first of its kind, in a natural environment and accessible to the general public. It offers stress management and personal development techniques.

    Vogelzang Parc
  • Brussels Research Open Lab – Co-Creation Day

    02/04 - 02/04/2021
    From 09:00 Until 18:00

    Everyone interested in Community Engaged Research and Learning, action research or making Brussels a better place is welcome to engage in the adventure by joining one of our workshops.

  • Ateliers Roue Libre – Bike ride in Brussels

    02/04 - 02/04/2021
    From 14:30 Until 16:30

    We aim to bring together people and promote cycling. Take your bike out for a spin, and join us on a 10 km bike ride through Brussels.

    Nicolas Cels
  • Less walls Pop-up drawing: Nature

    02/04 - 02/04/2021
    From 16:00 Until 16:30

    Less Walls, More Bridges is a project where we will use a series of walls on VUB’s campuses in Etterbeek & Jette as a canvas, to illustrate the identity of the university and togetherness of the neighbourhood. This will be a unique opportunity to begin a dialogue with the community via questions and drawing exercises which will be used as inspiration for the final design of the mural.