• weDISCOVER.brussels

    29/03 - 29/03/2021
    From 10:00 Until 18:00

    The VUB is excited to welcome EUTOPIA students from all EUTOPIA countries for an exciting virtual exchange week. Aside from a day filled with workshops and teamwork sessions these students will be able to experience the city of Brussels through a virtual city tour focusing on citizen engagement and urban change.

  • Virtual city tour in Brussels

    29/03 - 29/03/2021
    From 12:00 Until 13:00

    Artist, architect and city guide Olaf Winkler will guide you through the city of Brussels and its unique areas. During the tour Olaf will take you to three main areas in the capital of Europe. The canal zone, the newly developed pedestrian zone and the European district all pose specific challenges and opportunities for Brussels.

    Ian Komac
  • Launch Open Innovation Challenge

    29/03 - 01/04/2021
    From 10:00 Until 22:00

    Student teams meet in Brussels! EUTOPIA students start their collaboration on the Open Innovation Challenge with a workshop on multi- and intercultural communication. With their experience and expertise in a local challenge, they start defining global challenges for the Global Presentation later in the week.

    Free De Backer


  • Expert sessions – OIC

    30/03 - 30/03/2021

    VUB and Ljublana experts guide the EUTOPIA students in an expert session focused on the 5 P’s as defined by the United Nations. VUB researchers, professors and fellows share their expertise. We’re excited to welcome Nobel prize winner prof. Kajfež Bogataj in the session on Planet.

  • Placemaking at the VUB

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 10:00 Until 16:00

    weDISCOVER frames within the EUTOPIA placemaking workpackage. During the weDISCOVER.week the students will get to experience ways that the VUB engages with its environment and acts as a lever to support the region.

  • Virtual tour PILAR

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 11:30 Until 12:30

    Experience a virtual tour through the PILAR building, get to know the organisation and enjoy their current exhibits

    Ian Komac
  • Café E-Coloré

    30/03 - 30/03/2021
    From 12:00 Until 14:00

    Café E-coloré is an online dialogue event which aims to bring students from different backgrounds together to discuss a variety of topics linked to student life. The aim is to bridge the gap between local, international and refugee students of the VUB, by promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue.


  • Global challenge presentation

    31/03 - 31/03/2021
    From 16:00 Until 18:00

    The weDISCOVER.week includes the EUTOPIA Open Innovation Challenge. During this week, international student teams will collaborate and formulate global urban challenges. At the Global challenge presentation, the students will present their challenge to an international jury. The two winners will form the basis for the next in the EUTOPIA Open Innovation Challenge.


  • Global Challenge announcement – OIC

    01/04 - 01/04/2021
    From 10:00 Until 22:00

    Two global challenges were chosen and will be announced during the final day of the weDISCOVER.week. We’ll close the week with a wrap-up workshop and a banging virtual concert at Ancienne Belgique.

  • MasterClass with Waad al-Kateab – For Sama

    01/04 - 01/04/2021
    From 11:00 Until 12:00

    Syrian journalist, filmmaker, and activist Waad Al-Kateab is hosting a masterclass lecture for the students of the ‘Media, Culture & Globalization Theories’ and ‘Current Issues’ courses, followed by an interactive discussion that links to her work, and to the broader question of filmmaking for social and political change.

  • 70 80 90 – The Hip Hop Edition

    - 01/04/2021
    From 20:00 Until 21:30

    Digital dance party! The hip hop scene has been a driving force for cultural and social change for decades. Woman artists has been underexposed. Lefto en Supafly collective delve into the archives of hip hop from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Organised in collaboration with Ancienne Belgique, Limburgia VUB, Campina VUB and PILAR.

    Ancienne Belgique
    Wout Vanhelden