An interactive online game outdoors, sounds fun? The ULB architecture-modernity course given by Pablo Lhoas offers you various parcours in order to experience architecture in Brussels, and to share it! To do this, simply go to this link.

You can save this card in your phone to access the various routes at any time.

Different themes are grouped by colors:

Yellow: From Art Nouveau to Modernism
Follow the evolution of Van de Velde from his Villa Bloemenwerf and his Villa Gregoire Lagasse to the modernist achievements of Delville via Brunfaut, Franssen and Obozinski to finish at the Art Deco church of Altitude Cent.

Green: Modernist ride in Uccle
Discover the modernist architecture through the achievements of Brunfaut, Delville, Dupuis, Van de Velde to finish with the glass house of Paul Amaury Michel.

Blue: New Art Walk
Enjoy the Victor Horta Art Nouveau facades, Hankar, Brunfaut and while visiting the Hotel Solvay while it’s still possible!

Red: Eclectic walk
Stroll through the Art Deco, modernist and international style buildings. Open your eyes, many beautiful constructions have not been referenced on this map as there are so many of them. Take the opportunity to visit the Boghossian Foundation!

Orange: Walk between Viennese secession and modernism
Observe the roof terraces characteristic of modernist architecture. What other recurring elements have you found?

Violet: From Koninck and rational architecture
Stroll through the neighborhood and observe the characteristics of Koninck’s architecture!

Put on your walking shoes and discover the Brussels architecture! Do not forget to share your experience, the monuments that have pleased you and some details of the facades by tagging the Instagram account @architecturemodernites so everyone can enjoy with you!