Can we make artificial intelligence and algorithms transparent in cities? From Helsinki to Brussels

The recently launched Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good Institute in Brussels (FARI) and warmly invite you to join the conference on Transparant Artificial Intelligence in Cities on 29 March 2021, 8pm.

Artificial Intelligence is now pervasive in cities. Algorithms and intelligent systems help cities in different areas, from controlling traffic to allocating schools. They serve a wide variety of purposes but can also generate crucial debates: for instance around surveillance with facial recognition. What is the situation in the region Brussels? How are universities involved in this?

How can cities be more transparent about where and how AI systems and algorithms are used? Meeri Haataja from Saidot and the Berkman Klein center will present her work implementing AI repositories in cities such as Amsterdam or Helsinki. Could it be an option for Brussels? The VUB SMIT Lab will present initiatives such as transparency engine: a framework to create and enable transparency in smart city projects, AI Blindspot card set 2.0.The conference will be moderated by Rob Heyman, researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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The event will be streamed live on Youtube.