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With weKONEKT.brussels, the universities take their responsibility for the city and community, and contribute to the development of a free, connected, resilient and inclusive urban community. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) offer their students opportunities to develop into independent and engaged individuals, critical global citizens and social leaders of the future. Hereby using Brussels as a lecture hall and a workplace, connecting the students with Brussels stakeholders and the professional field. They strengthen the Brussels community by organizing education and research on, with, in and for Brussels and by putting the scientific expertise and knowledge of our students, teachers and researchers at the service of the city.

The different actors, organisations and institutions in Brussels have a lot to offer each other. For a scientist or artist, the big city is a dream lab, an ideal learning place for students, and a particularly interesting test bed for companies. Institutions of higher education are a major added value for the city. They are an important source of employment, they guarantee the continuous influx of young and new talent, they have scientific expertise that is crucial for the innovation and transformation of city and society.

The universities function as key players in the social and economic development of Brussels. In the 2019 VUB-ULB Memorandum the VUB and ULB take on some key issues to strengthen the role of both universities. With this they focus on 4 topics

  • Research and innovation
  • Schooling, education and student life
  • Universities in the city network
  • On the road to sustainability 


Study with Brussels

Our Brussels City Campus at BOZAR is our hub within the city center. VUB and ULB staff,

In the next three years (2018-2021) VUB wants to develop an educational program based with a prominent focus on Community Based Learning. Community Based Learning is experience oriented education that connects the academic side with community engagement. Quality education as cathalist community engagement, sense of responsability and personal growth. In short, education in line with the humane, community and educational vision of the VUB. For more information, visit the website of UNIVER.CITY

Arts & Science

Arts and science both stem from critical thinking. They both want to understand the world as it is, but also wants to shape the world. Artists and scientists go through a similar process but from a radically different frame of reference. The arts & science aspect of weKONEKT.brussels wants to bridge the gap between the different disciplines. VUB and ULB wants to collaborate more intensively with the internationally esteemed art scène in Brussels. What those collaborations will look like? That’s an open-ended question. Will it shake up the current mental framework of participants? Absolutely! Participants are not just students and/or academics. Arts & science wants to share the results of the collaboration between artists and scientists with a broad and diverse audience.

Mindblowers   Crosstalks  Difference Day   BANG! (Pillar)   STAL …


From 1 until 5 April 2019 VUB, ULB and EhB collectively went off campus with over 6000 students, academics and staff. The program includes 150 (teaching) activities. Students from all faculties got (guest)lectures about current and future challenges. More than 90 companies, cultural institutions, government institutions, hospitals, courts, sports clubs, museums, public welfare centers, non-profit organizations, media and international institutions have joined forces to make the movement possible. The weKONEKT.week is a short and powerful initiative to underline that weKONEKT.brussels is a personal and a collective journey. Check out the entire weKONEKT.week 2019 schedule.

weKONEKT.brussels is made possible thanks to the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (Onderwijs en Vorming).


Lynn Tytgat – Coordinator weKONEKT.brussels
Linde Moriau  – Project Coordinator UNIVER.CITY
Luc Deschouwer – Brussels City Campus manager
Hélène Fréché – Operations Officer ULB|VUB
Elke Teck – Operations Officer ULB|VUB