Urban universities strengthen ties with Brussels

With weKONEKT.brussels, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Brussels partners contribute to the development of a free, connected and engaged community. Together they strengthen the Brussels community by organizing education with, in and for Brussels. Researchers use their expertise to make Brussels stronger by providing answers to metropolitan, societal challenges. Initiatives include education, sports, culture, science, art, law and more.
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  • Lynn Tytgat


    Lynn Tytgat is the coordinator of weKONEKT.brussels and is responsible for the local and international partnerships. Within the framework of ARTS & SCIENCE, Lynn works closely with the internationally renowned art scene in Brussels to strengthen synergies between science, education and art.
    She is, among other things, the driving force behind Mindblowers, the opening of the cultural and academic year in collaboration with the KVS. Lynn studied Literature and Theatre Sciences ​​and International and European Law at the VUB and management at Solvay Brussels School - ULB. She built her career in New York, Paris, Bruges and Brussels where she worked for UNESCO, United Nations University (UNU), the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the UN and Erasmus University College Brussel (EhB).
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  • Ian Komac


    Ian is junior project officer for EUTOPIA European Universities. He makes the link between the international partners of the VUB and the community of Brussels, and furthermore supports the weKONEKT.brussels project.
    Coming from Limburg, he fell in love with Brussels during his time as a student at the VUB. You can contact Ian for questions on EUTOPIA or regarding the communication for an event or project.
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  • Lara Loi


    Lara is responsible for the organization of the Brussels City Campus. She believes that weKONEKT.brussels is a bridge between students and the Brussels society. A student is an important link within the university and also contributes to the development of the city.
    She is eager to strengthen this link as a student and Brussel lover. Do you want to get started with weKONEKT.brussels? Do not hesitate to contact Lara with your questions.
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  • Linde Moriau


    Linde has a passion for education, Brussels and social engagement. Three things that are central to UNIVER.CITY, one of the pillars of weKONEKT.brussels. UNIVER.CITY explores the opportunities and conditions for society-related education and research.
    Urban networks, contexts and dynamics serve as the starting point for processes of shared knowledge development. Academic and extra-academic actors learn with, from and for each other and together we build the city of tomorrow.
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  • Hélène Fréché


    Hélène Fréché is the operational manager of the Brussels University Alliance (BUA). BUA is an alliance that promotes collaborations between VUB and ULB in the areas of education, research, society and internationalization. Hélène is the contact person for weKONEKT.brussels at the ULB.
    If you would like to know more about weKONEKT.brussels at the ULB or if you would like to participate in the weKONEKT.week on behalf of the ULB, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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